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A way to get a DHA license

Healthcare experts in Dubai need a DHA license to pursue their careers. This healthcare exercise license in Dubai is issued with the aid of the Health Regulation Department (HRD) of the Dubai health authority (DHA). Specialists in the healthcare industry must practice for a DHA license and pass the talent check and exams to achieve one. The DHA license technique is pretty lengthy but sincere. To apply to your medical license inside the UAE, here’s what you need to understand.

Step 1: The self-assessment

The first aspect to do in your DHA license application is to finish the preliminary self-evaluation. For that

  • visit, the sheryan self-assessment portal.
  • enter the specified records and submit them.

Primarily based on the data you offer, the portal will screen whether you’re eligible to be part of the Dubai Medical Registry or not.

In case you are, you could pass directly to the following step. If not, you may opt for the manual overview of your profile. For the Manual Evaluation you need to:

  • submit an online application with the specified details and documents
  • pay the charges (AED 200)

wait for your DHA evaluation, which may additionally take up to 10 days

Step 2: create a sheryan account

Before you officially start the DHA licensing technique, you should create a private ID on the DHA sheryan portal.

  • visit the DHA “single sign up” portal
  • Click on “Register New Account”
  • input the required statistics
  • Click “register”

You will obtain account authentication information through email.


Step 3: The PSV and CBT Evaluation

Just like everywhere else, the Dubai health authority loves to affirm the authenticity of your profile. Those who are eligible for the DHA license in Dubai have to get their Primary Source Verification (PSV) executed and clear the CBT assessment (if required).

The PSV through Dataflow: The DHA has partnered with dataflow organization to display screen expert applicants for the Dubai healthcare sector. The PSV runs thorough tests on the educational backgrounds and credentials of all professionals who put up a DHA license application. These assessments make certain that the most genuine profiles make it to the Dubai Medical Registry.

The CBT Evaluation through Prometric: For some healthcare specialists, in particular medical doctors, dentists and nurses, the DHA may additionally require preliminary CBT assessment. This DHA license examination is carried out through Prometric – an unbiased examination board to assess the understanding and ability levels of the candidates.

After you pass your Prometric CBT assessment and the PSV review, you can circulate on to register yourself for the DHA license in Dubai.

Step 4: Proceed to register

To officially register the license application, you need to sign in on the DHA sheryan. For that:

  • Click on at the “Register a Professional”
  • offer the relevant information
  • add the essential files
  • pay the DHA registration fees (AED 200) and proceed

The DHA will overview your utility in mild of your CBT and DHA outcomes and then either approve, reject or reverse your application for greater records.

Step 5: Schedule Oral Evaluation (if required)

Depending on the professional healthcare role you want to secure, the DHA might also require you to subject to an oral assessment.

  • time table date for the oral assessment
  • pay the costs (AED 250 – AED500)

take and pass the assessment

Step 6: Professional license

At the moment when you pass the oral evaluation, you will be a registered DHA professional. All you want to do now could be set off your DHA professional license. For that, here’s what you want to do via your sheryan account:

  • apply for DHA license activation
  • submit offer letter and malpractice insurance certificate
  • pay license activation fees (AED a thousand – AED 3000)

Once activation completes, the DHA will issue a provisional license till the time the authentic one is added to you.

Documents required

Ensure you have got all of the documents required to sign up for the DHA.

In keeping with the DHA license requirements, you need to put up the following documents for preliminary processing:

  • a current photo (passport size)
  • copy of your valid passport
  • your academic qualifications
  • Transcripts
  • your experience certificates
  • practice license or registration
  • good standing certificate (GSC)
  • BLS certificate
  • PCC (police clearance certificate)

Once your DHA license application is accredited, you may also be required to hand in:

  • an offer letter from your recruiting facility
  • a malpractice insurance certificate from your recruiting facility