Computer based OET test

OET to deliver secure at-home testing

OET has signed an agreement with Prometric, a world-leader in technology-enabled assessment, to deliver a computer-based version of OET in the coming months. Candidates will be able to take the test safely in the comfort of their own homes, while the security and integrity of the test will be maintained using remote proctoring.

The new test delivery mode will allow us to resume testing during the Covid-19 pandemic to support healthcare systems with much-needed healthcare professionals.

The paper-based version of OET will continue to be available to help meet the increasing demand for OET among healthcare professionals.

As the solution is still being developed, there is not yet absolute clarity around what the online test will look like, short of the test tasks and level of language assessed remaining the same. A key priority for us is to gain clarity around this and to provide both you and our candidates with an online practice test as soon as possible.

The Reading, Listening and Writing sub-tests of OET will be available via computer-based delivery and the Speaking sub-test will be carried out with a human interlocutor via video conferencing software. The live human involvement and role-play nature of the OET Speaking sub-test, which is one of the key benefits of the test, will not be compromised.

OET is working closely with organisations who recognise the test towards the ongoing acceptance of results issued via this delivery mode.