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At OptimumVisa, we have made the OET exam training much more simple and easy to understand the process. This will help you get the required grade that allows you to work in the UK, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia and more.

As the OET exam became popular around the world as a recognized authority for English testing for health professionals. The OET Coaching Center at Optimum Visa began to proliferate all around the Anand. our coaching center claims high rates of rates through ads to entice potential candidates. But there are no central agencies to control growth and maintain the quality of OET coaching centers. Many coaching centers charge students high fees for substandard and unplanned coaching; others invest time teaching unscrupulous methods to candidates who take the OET exam.

The competitiveness of coaching centers has been multiplied by several, and the exam success rate is one of the main principles for appealing students.

Health care professionals who hail from Non-English speaking countries are expected to pass the OET as it’s a mandatory requirement in the process of registration as a health care professional and practice in the western world. All mainstream health professionals that include Nursing, dentists, pharmacy, radiology, physiotherapist, medicine, veterinary, dietetics and many more require to pass the OET.


The Occupational English Test or OET, is for healthcare professionals. It is the English language test, and it assesses the language communication skills of the professionals who want to practice and register in an English-speaking environment. OET is available for the healthcare professionals who are from the professions of occupational therapy, veterinary science, dietetics, podiatry, medicine, speech pathology, pharmacy, nursing, dentistry, radiography, optometry, and physiotherapy.

The councils and regulatory healthcare boards of different countries recognize the test of OET. These countries include Ukraine, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, Namibia, Ireland, Dubai, and the UK. OET is also recognized by The Immigration New Zealand for all visa categories where an English test may be required and the Australian Department of Home Affairs. In a demanding healthcare environment, OET is used as proof of a candidate’s ability to communicate effectively in many organizations that include universities and hospitals.

Under the guidance of NOOSR or the National Office for Overseas Skills Recognition of Australia, Professor Tim McNamara designed OET in the late 1980s. For keeping up the test with current practice and theory in language assessment, it has been developed and researched continuously. This work has been done by Cambridge Assessment English and by the University of Melbourne’s Language Testing Research Centre. CBLA or Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment now owns the test, and it is a venture between Box Hill Institute and Cambridge Assessment English.

With an emphasis on communication in health and professional medical settings, OET provides a reliable and valid assessment of all four language skills are Speaking, Reading, Listening, and Writing. The test of speaking takes approximately 20 minutes while listening, and writing both take 45 minutes each. The test of reading takes around an hour. For the scoring of OET, there is no overall grade. A numerical score in 10-point increments from 0-500, e.g., 350,360, 370 is given to the candidates for each of the four sub-tests of OET. Ranging from A (highest) to E (lowest), the numeric score is mapped to a separate letter grade.

OET can be taken at different test venues around the world. This test is available 14 times per year. Approximately 16 business days after the test, the results of the test are published online. Separate grades are given for each sub-test. The results of the test are considered valid for up to two years. Most of the recognizing organizations require that for each sub-test, candidates achieve the requisite grades in one sitting and that the candidates also have at least a grade of B in all the sub-tests.

Our Online preparation courses are available for OET that are specifically designed to help an individual build the English skills before taking the test. Based on real OET content, this course provides authentic practice material. Every month, OET is available in 40 countries. With the help of an online course, one can practice for this test and get to understand the contents of the test. The best way to prepare OET is to start early and be realistic. It is also essential to know your weaknesses and understand the criteria of assessment. Improving your skills can help you succeed and apply only when you are ready for the test.



Who Recognises OET?

OET is recognized and trusted by healthcare boards and councils in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Many organizations, including hospitals, universities, and colleges, are using OET as proof of a candidate’s ability to communicate effectively in a demanding healthcare environment. Please visit the OET website to view a list of organizations that accept OET results as proof of English language proficiency. Please check with the organization you are applying to regard the OET grade(s) they will accept.


Most recognizing boards and councils require candidates to have at least a B grade in each of the four sub-tests. But to make sure you’re up-to-date with requirements, always check with the relevant boards and councils that regulates your profession.

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