About Kinnari Patel

Many people have been studying medical sciences, but Mrs Kinnari Patel has turned out to be a professional in this field. Her educational background is very vast. She acquired General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) degree in 2009. It was her interest that did not let her stop, and she started the National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in Health and social care in London, UK. Today she is a Level 7 NVQ degree holder that is equivalent to a Master’s Degree or Postgraduate Certificate. She also passed the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) in 2020.

During her early career in the medical field, she acquired a chance to work in one of the most exceptional hospitals in India and one of the well-known carrier firms in the UK. Here she realized how critical it is to communicate with people and health care professionals in an environment where there is cultural diversity. English was meant to be fluent in handling all the activities and tasks. She came to know about OET, which was an excellent platform for medical professionals.

Mrs Kinnari took a U-turn in her career due to family issues back in the home country and her interest in English and started as a Nursing Teacher for two years where she served her nation, but she had eyes on to reach a designation as a trainer for OET (Occupational English Test). Deep down in her heart, she wanted health care professionals to achieve such a level of English proficiency. She always wanted to take an initiative that could provide health care professionals with a language-learning opportunity while considering their demand around the globe.

She realized that she could be of better service if Mrs. Kinnari worked on her own by setting up a coaching centre where she can donate her time to people who have no or minimal knowledge of OET. She started with her coaching centre and gained diverse experience in her subject. English proficiency now started existing along with an enriched experience in her field. Her commitment was to achieve a professional communication level.

As she dreamt of having such an opportunity. She got the chance to be a trainer for OET that aimed at testing the language proficiency of health care professionals who work in an English environment. She also cleared her exam TESOL during this journey. She now has three years of experience in this field so far, and she is still striving for her dream.
Mrs. Kinnari Patel is a lady who possesses the power to make her dreams come true no matter they seem confusing or unachievable. Having acquired TESOL, she has initiated new teaching procedures that accurately fit the students’ needs who are from different academic backgrounds.

Such a lady with diversified and collective experience in Medicine and English not only has such a high ability to teach and produce innovations in learning but also create a platform acquiring higher patient satisfaction, which in turn provides the right image of this profession in our society. This is the change and advancement we thrive for, and this will inevitably lead to a better and prosperous future.

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